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the queen of the night

4 March
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i got married to Yabu Kota.

on December 9th, 2010


DexelMine call me dexel
Childish girl . sensitive . lazy . could be nice could be cruel . bizarre . freak . yabu-ism . love cooking but lazy to cook . love sweets . love purple . girlish . naive . moody girl . crescent obsessed . Indonesian and proud being part of it . good liar . crying baby (too easy to cry) . love eye-glassed and also tall boy (that’s why I like Yabu) . pretty easy to be deceived
(30 trivias about me)

Hey! Say! JUMP . Yabu Kota . Hey! Say! BEST . Yabu’s sexy tounge . Yabu’s eye smile . Purple . Lollipop . sweets . Hot Chocolate . crescent necklace that I always use all the time . mangas . Johnny's boys . KAT-TUN . NEWS . ARASHI


Hey! Say! JUMP : Yabu Kota Hey! Say! 7 : Nakajima Yuto . Morimoto Ryutaro KAT-TUN : Kamenashi Kazuya . Ueda Tatsuya NewS : Keiichiro Koyama . Tegoshi Yuya Arashi : Sho Sakurai . Aiba Masaki


I'm in love with tons of japanese cute dudes, even outside johnny's. should I mention all? I dont think so, that's gonna be a very very long list
well, I'm not really into K-pop


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