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the queen of the night
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7th-Dec-2016 09:59 am - I am me [introdutcion]
hello, minna-san!

I AM REALLY NEW IN THIS LIVEJOURNAL WORLD. I have to get use to it, because I was writing in blogger. (and blogger is way more easier)
It makes me absolutely confused when I started with this LJ. but I think as the time goes by I'll get use to it.
well, i will not post too much at here as I more active to post in my blogie (my personal blog)
now, I've made (my personal blog) as my daily life journal (no fan-girling there)

But, since I'm a bit busy with my fuc*ng school. It's gonna be a semi-hitatus.

comment here if you wanted to be added back :D (even this LJ is open for everyone)
I won't add back blank-LJ and someone who I don't know
so, let's be FRIEND, I won't bite ;D

YabuHika | HikaYabu
10th-Jan-2014 08:17 am - coming back to the black hole
oh gosh!
finally post something after my busy years in my admission in college and studies in college.

after months i was thinking to stop fangirlong jhonny's dudes' black holes just sucking me in again HAHA
maybe i'll talk abot some japanese movie i watch
so later on.
yabu | blame my cuteness
31st-Jan-2012 10:36 am - Your 22th year :)
Happy 22th birthdaaaay yabuuu!
Its been the my 3rd year celebrating yabu's birthday
I'm wishing you another great year ahead
Congrats on your admission at waseda, keep fighting for your collage and your job as idol
Thank you for being an adorable idol
Its such a great thing to be your fan
So, keep being childish and mature in the same time, keep up your rabu-rabu with hika, keep writing lyrics for best and yabuhika
Happy birthdaaaaaay

I felt a bit guilty i totally do nothing this year
I have somr unescapeable things to do
But i still do wishing the best for him
YabuHika | HikaYabu
3rd-Jan-2012 09:50 pm - hello, uni student [yabu kota]
yes! i am currently feeling so happy about yabu's news that he is just accepted in waseda university
as long as i know that waseda university is the 2nd ranked uni at japan after KEIO
it's good to know that. even meiji university isn't in big 10
i gotta say
congratulation to yabu :DDD

*i dont know i put this pic on, but i just like him here*

entering uni at johhnys idols is somehow rare occasion. i am so proud that my favorite is considered to be one of johnny's smart guys
well, smart guys are hot. right!

this news makes me liking yabu even more. since the last months i was a bit off with hey!say!jump
feeling that i dont feel any exciting anymore. dont know whether ryutaro's influence or not.
but i just feel like a bit off with this fandom

but yabu's news had lighten up my day. and start to stalk JUMP even more :DD
or he's just giving himself a birthday gift XDDD
so good luck with your university and wishing you better job, brighter
job, more job in this new year :D
YabuHika | HikaYabu



You, those who don't want to know the spoiler please back off!

let me take you to PARADISECollapse )
let me take you to the paradiseCollapse )
YabuHika | HikaYabu
14th-Oct-2011 05:53 pm - going pedo [outer je]
presenting you....
Ashida Mana

such a cute PV with good music
I kept smilling as I watched this LOL
I'm starting to be a pedo. eeeergh whatsoever

the best part is when she wears an outfit for rainy days

isn't she so cute XD
yabu | gimme a kiss
well, well, well
i just passed such a hard week weeks I mean

pre-test-week is already been so damn stressful
and here I'm now
comeback to my fan-girling life that i should forget at those hard weeks back then
I even missed the news about TAKAMINA went to indonesia
she even ever broadcasted on a show near my school. dammit! i should have skip the class at the time

i missed some updates
even i haven't watch ikemen desu ne ep 10
*just finished ep 9*
and I screencap some pics from the ep

serious Hikaru always got my heart skipped a beat
just like him at othoros LOL
the joker gone serious
even the spot will-be-mustache is do damn hot
errrr, okay
let's get into the next topic
i thing i gonna start to download new dorama
and it's gonna be....
Ouran High School Host Club
*big applause*
I used to not interested at it as some arama guys talk negative bout it
the twins has bewitched me

really like these kind of light-mild-yaoi
hope that i could differentiate hitachiin twins and also takagi twins. not only about which one seme and uke.
well, i'm lacking at such things

I think that's all for now
I'm feeling so damn random by posting this HAHA
YabuHika | HikaYabu
OTP oh dearest OTP

JUMPaper 25/09/2011


Well, well, what would be good to write about this time (laughs)

I’ll start off with!

You did a good job while shooting (for the drama) ニコニコキラキラキラキラ

Although you were tired because of the drama, thank you for still hanging out with me.キラキラ!!

Noo~ (laughs)
I think it was becoming a place to vent (laughs)

Even though the drama has ended now, I would like to continue this (kind of relationship).

Also, please quickly give me the CD you borrowed back (laughs)

Therefore, please quickly borrow a CD (laughs)

Why I’m not sending a direct mail にひひ?

I felt like exposing you like this in front of everyone.べーっだ!!!

Pressure~~ にゃ (laughs)

Hehehe にひひにひひ

Maa, you did well for the drama!
Please rest properly (laughs)

full credit tohikarinoniji, her translation here
i just got some edit like bold and colorized some paarts
YabuHika | HikaYabu
oooow yeah!!!
after lands of hours I spent in front of the internet
I  proudly present *drumrolls* my new layout!!!
how's it?
still clean white with some soft colors there and also over there HAHA
yeah! I just made bit changes from the riginal one
just change the some color and also same other lil things like placement and font choice :D
and also... there's still space for yabu's awesomeness
original post is at mintyapple
special thanks to
all these things credited to them
*excluded changes that I made LOL*
yabu | blame my cuteness
8th-Jul-2011 04:42 pm - long trem HIATUS [daily life, hiatus]
I'll have
a hibernate hiatus!!
it gonna be a year since i've been a 3rd grader of my high school
I just need to decrease flailing over those handsome guys out there

actually i've been so inactive for several weeks. i'm having test, holiday and blahblahblah
I'll still use this Lj for reading some posts and updates.of course as silent reader

lastly I would say

love y' all
YabuHika | HikaYabu
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